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Ofsted Outstanding
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  • Life In Modern Britain

    At Pimlico Primary, our knowledge-rich curriculum and wider school teachings help to create awareness of and readiness for the understanding of life in Modern Britain. We believe that our pupils’ education must transcend the academic, and indeed guide and shape them on their journey towards conscientious, respectful and self-aware citizens.


    At Pimlico Primary, we also promote the characteristics that support success in education and in life: perseverance, challenge and practice.

    “Perseverance is never giving up.” - Eddy, Year One Cambridge Class.

    “To succeed you need to practice.” - Seidi, Reception Oxford Class.


    These values are underpinned by our school rules:

    • We come to school to learn;
    • We respect each other;
    • We keep each other safe.

    These in turn help pupils to understand core British values, specifically, to respect the rule of law, tolerance and freedom of speech. Our PSHE and whole school assembly programmes enable children to have a wider understanding of the world in which they live, the challenges facing themselves and other communities, and an awareness of the differences and similarities other faiths and nations have to our own. This in turn provides a context for their understanding of their own country and culture.


    Pimlico Primary pupils are introduced to charitable work at an early age.  We provide opportunities for children to recognise their responsibilities to the community and the environment, and to think intelligently about giving, fundraising and raising awareness.

    We help pupils to understand local social issues and global challenges, and to see how they can become the problem-solvers, change-makers and leaders who make a real difference.

    Community Use

    Pimlico Primary is open for use by the local community in the evenings, at weekends and during the school holidays. We offer a range of remarkable facilities for sporting, artistic, social and professional use.

    Pimlico Primary

    Pimlico Primary, Lupus Street, London SW1V 3AT
    Tel: 020 7802 1909