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Ofsted Outstanding
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  • Education Enrichment

    We encourage and support all our pupils to pursue new sporting, academic and extra-curricular adventures during their time at Pimlico Primary.

    Our Education Enrichment programme is fully embedded in the curriculum, as well as being offered within the extended school day, so that children's interests can be pursued eagerly. Visiting speakers and staff support the programme, as do regular trips to places of interest.

    In Reception, Education Enrichment is part of the curriculum.  We focus on our local community and environment, with visits to places of significance around London.  The curriculum programme continues in Years 1 and 2, but we also encourage children to attend a range of after-school sporting and extra-curricular pursuits. Our longer school day enables us to respond to pupils' individual aspirations by establishing a programme, both on and off site, to nurture their curiosity and enthusiasm.

    Learning to be change-makers

    We help pupils to recognise their responsibilities to the community and the environment.

    We introduce them to charitable work at an early age, providing opportunities to think intelligently about fundraising and giving. We encourage children to be very active in raising both money and awareness.

    We also help pupils to understand local social issues and global challenges, and to see how they can become the change-makers and leaders who make a real difference.

    Pimlico Primary

    Pimlico Primary, Lupus Street, London SW1V 3AT
    Tel: 020 7802 1909