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  • PE & Sports Grant


    Activity to date:


    Increase the skill level of our school staff in high-quality PE teaching.   Staff teach alongside specialist PE teachers from Pimlico Academy, and receive training in the different sports we are teaching. For example, staff have been trained to teach early skipping, basketball and athletics skills. By teaching in partnership with secondary subject teachers, the aspiration and expectations of our staff have increased.
    Weekend ‘take-home’ sports kits. The funding has allowed for cricket, badminton and tennis packs to be purchased; these are loaned to families for a weekend, and then returned on Monday, with the intention of promoting healthy family lifestyles.
    Extend after-school sports activities. The funding has allowed for a subsidised after-school Karate Club led by a former coach of the JKA National team. There is provision for 30 pupils to attend the club. The co-ordination and control of those pupils who attend has significantly improved. We are exploring opportunities for other after-school clubs and are currently in communication with a dance company.
    Provide opportunities for children to compete. We feel it is important that children have the chance to represent their school and to take part in competitive sport against other schools as early as possible. This year an inter-school Early Years Sports Day will take place at Battersea Park with Reception pupils taking part in six competitive events. Year One pupils will compete against Years One, Two and Three pupils from the other schools in our Trust.

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