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  • Events for Parents

    Welcome Meetings

    These are a good opportunity for parents to meet the teachers and learn about the classroom routines. Please see the date for each of the classes. All meetings take place at 3:30pm.


    Date Class
    Thursday 6th September 2018 Year 1 - Durham class
    Thursday 6th September 2018 Year 1 - Cambridge class
    Friday 14th September 2018 Year 2 - Manchester class
    Friday 14th September 2018 Year 2 - Manchester class
    Saturday 15th September 2018 Year 3 - Exeter class
    Thursday 13th September 2018 Year 3 - Glasgow class
    Friday 7th September 2018 Year 4 - York class
    Wednesday 12th September 2018 Year 5 - Edinburgh class


    Open Classes

    Open classes are an opportunity for parents to see what children are learning in lessons.


    Date Time Class
    Monday 24th September 2:50pm Year 1 Open Classes
    Thursday 27th September 9am Year 3 Exeter and Glasgow Open Class - English
    Monday 1st October 9am Year 4 Open Class - English
    Tuesday 2nd October 9am Year 5 Open Class - Ancient History
    Wednesday 3rd October 9am Year 2 Open Classes
    Monday 21st January



    Year 3 Glasgow Open Class - Maths

    Year 3 Exeter Open Class - Maths

    Wednesday 23rd January 9:05am Year 2 Open Class
    Thursday 24th January 9:15am Year 4 Open Class - Geography
    Wednesday 6th February 9:15am EYFS Open Class

    Friday 25th January

    9:15am Year 5 Open Class - Maths
    Monday 28th January 3pm Year 1 Open Class
    Thursday 9th May



    Year 4 Open Class - Geography

    Year 2 Open Class

    Thursday 17th May 2:50pm Year 3 Exeter Open Class - Geography
    Wednesday 22nd May 9am EYFS Open Class

    Parent Progress Meetings

    Parent Progress Meetings are designed to help parents find out more about their child's progress in class, and what they can do to improve.

    Date Timings Year group
    Thursday 6th December 3:40pm - 6:40pm

    Years EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 - all subjects

    Year 3 Maths

    Year 4 English / History

    Year 5 Science / Geography

    Tuesday 11th December
    Monday 18th March 3:40-6:40pm

    Years EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 - All subjects

    Year 4 - Maths

    Year 5 - English / History

    Year 3 - Science / Geography

    Thursday 28th March
    Thursday 27th June 3:30pm - 6:40pm

    Years EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 - All subjects

    Year 3 - English

    Year 4 - Science / Geography

    Year 5 - Maths

    Thursday 2nd July



    We have added new workshops for parents. Please find the upcoming workshops listed below.


    Parent attendance is expected: all workshops are designed to help you to support your child at home. Parental involvement has been proven to have significant positive effects on achievement into adolescence. If you can think of additional helpful workshops, please do suggest them.


    If you would like to view parent resources from past workshops, please click here.


    Date Time Title Audience
    Thursday 13th September 9am & 5pm English Secrets: Breaking the code EYFS and year 1 parents
    Thursday 18th September 9am, 3:30pm & 5pm English Secrets: How to give your child an educational advantage equivalent to just over a year's schooling All parents
    Monday 24th September 2:50pm

    Year 1 Open Classes

    Y1 parents
    Tuesday 25th September 9am & 5pm Maths with Parents Launch Y1 and Y2 parents
    Wednesday 26th September 9am EYFS: Using the tapestry EYFS parents
    Tuesday 9th October 9am & 5pm Fluency in maths: how to free your child's working memory by supporting fluency All parents
    Monday 15th October 9am Commando Jo Workshop: Find out how we teach Character Education. Be prepared to get active! All parents
    Wednesday 21st November 9am History Curriculum Workshop KS2 parents
    Wednesday 5th December 9am Make it stick: the Science of Learning effectively All parents
    Thursday 10th January 9am Phonics: Curriculum Workshop on RWI Phonics All EYFS & KS1 parents
    Wednesday 16th January 9am KS2 Assessment at Pimlico Primary KS2 parents
    Wednesday 30th January 9am ESB Workshop: How to support your child with the English Speaking board Y1-5 parents
    Wednesday 6th February 9am Grammar: Curriculum Workshop on KS2 Grammar KS2 parents
    Wednesday 20th March 9:15am Science: Curriculum Workshop on KS2 Science KS2 parents


    Pimlico Primary

    Pimlico Primary, Lupus Street, London SW1V 3AT
    Tel: 020 7802 1909